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Georgia Commute Options is a program created through a joint effort between the Georgia Department of Transportation, The Clean Air Campaign and the region's transportation management associations that helps commuters, employers and property managers take advantage of commute alternatives.

Experts from The Clean Air Campaign serve as the statewide spokespersons for Georgia Commute Options.

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Telework: The Business Continuity Solution for All Seasons
2.20.14 – The two recent "snowjams" marked the third occasion in four years metro Atlanta was shut down due to snow and ice. While politicians and officials are collaborating to determine how to better handle these situations in the future, the infrastructure to work remotely is already in place.

Teleworking offers workable options during snow days and every day
2.16.14 – The two storms that hit metro Atlanta over the last three weeks effectively shut down the city’s transportation for four or five days.

Improvement district chairman wins environmental award
1.04.14 − Kerry Armstrong, chairman of the North Fulton Community Improvement District, was awarded the Georgia Department of Transportation Leadership Award during the PACE Awards.

Is Traffic Draining Employee Productivity at Your Workplace?
1.03.14 − Learn how commute options programs aim to improve health and productivity at the workplace, while also keeping pollution out of the air.

Do you know how your commute affects your health?
12.10.13 – This infographic shows how an active commute can help improve your overall physical and mental health, while also saving you money.

Is Traffic Draining Employee Productivity at Your Workplace?
11.26.13 – This infographic shows how corporate wellness programs can be more effective in improving employee health and productivity by introducing commute options programs to the workplace culture.

Roswell resident wins third place in Atlanta Bike to Work Challenge
11.19.13 – Roswell's John Fritz recently took third place in the second annual Atlanta Bike to Work Challenge, cycling 15.5 miles from Roswell to Duluth daily.

Suwanee resident bikes to work in Norcross
11.06.13 – Suwanee resident Mark Filer bikes 24 miles a couple days a week to his job at ADVA Optical Networking in Norcross, and takes advantage of commuter incentives.

How to avoid Halloween traffic
10.30.13 – These quick tips help drivers avoid a devilish traffic on Halloween by taking advantage of commute options.

Bike to Work Challenge all October long
10.11.13 – This October, commuters are once again being encouraged to cycle their way to work and compete for prizes in the second annual Bike to Work Challenge event.

Bike to Work: Decatur residents take challenge
10.07.13 – There was a lot of representation from DeKalb County in last year’s Bike to Work Challenge, and these Decatur bikers are upholding that pro-bike culture this year.

Carpooling up, transit use down in Gwinnett, survey says
10.04.13 – The most recent American Community Survey found an uptick in both commuters driving alone to work, and those carpooling in Gwinnett County.

Local employees taking up Bike to Work Challenge
10.01.13 – One Cobb resident is challenging himself in October to bike to and from work each day.

Ways to Save Money on Your Commute
09.30.13 – Each year, the average commuter in the Atlanta metro area wastes 51 hours in traffic at a cost of more than $4,000. Here’s how you can put some of that money back in your pocket.

GA 400 Toll Demolition Schedule
09.24.13 – SRTA will hold four public information sessions in September and October 2013 to provide details on the end of toll booths on GA 400.

Second Annual Bike to Work Challenge Launches in October
09.10.13 – Since last year’s inaugural Bike to Work Challenge was wildly successful, the Georgia Department of Transportation, The Clean Air Campaign, Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, Atlanta Regional Commission and local transportation management associations decided to host another challenge this year.

Teleworking in Georgia offers real life benefits of a virtual office
09.08.13 - A number of metro Atlanta’s top employers, including Coca-Cola, AT&T Mobility, SunTrust, Georgia 811 and Chico’s, showed their support for Georgia Telework Week this year.

Teleworking in Georgia offers real life benefits of a virtual office
09.08.13 – A number of metro Atlanta employers, including Coca-Cola, AT&T Mobility, Georgia 811 and Chico’s, showed their support for Georgia Telework Week in August.

Vanpooling saves co-workers time, money on commute
09.05.13 – Katie Beasley with FOX 5 rode along with an Atlanta vanpool and discovered what a great, money-saving commute alternative vanpooling really is.

State's work-from-home trend shows growth
09.01.13 – A recent study in metro Atlanta shows that telework is booming, and 64 percent of managers believe it provides their organizations with a competitive advantage.

Fayette gets miles out of teleworking staffers
08.21.13 – To help save the environment and also employee commute times and costs, Fayette County government has started a pilot telecommuting program.

Georgia Telework Week starts Monday
08.14.13 – Gov. Deal and The Clean Air Campaign announced that Georgia Telework Week would take place Aug. 19 – 23, and that there would be two telework summits, one in Gwinnett County and one in the Perimeter area.

Governor Deal Designates Aug. 19-23 as Georgia Telework Week
07.30.13 - During Georgia Telework Week August 19-23, The Clean Air Campaign, Georgia Commute Options partners and Governor Nathan Deal are teaming up to educate employers about the continued growth of telework and its role as a workplace strategy.

New transportation plans arise post-TSPLOST
07.05.13 - Metro Atlantans today have more commute options than ever. Workers using commute alternatives result in 1.4 million vehicle miles not traveled every day, with over 350,000 Atlantans teleworking every day.

Atlanta commuters to “Dump the Pump” by riding transit
06.17.13 – Each year, on average, Atlanta commuters spend 51 hours sitting in traffic and $4,000 on commute costs. Dump the Pump ran from June 17 – 21 and encouraged commuters to try commuting via transit to save on costs and stress.

Vanpoolooza Encourages Vanpooling in Atlanta
06.04.13 - From June through the end of August vanpool commuters will have an opportunity to compete in Vanpoolooza, the region’s first-ever vanpool challenge to attract new van riders.

Webinar: The Big Picture on Transit in Metro Atlanta
05.29.13 – A free webinar open to commuters and employers to discuss the benefits of transit will take place on June 12.

Metro Atlanta leaders — in a state of recalibration — seek a way forward
05.27.13 – Tedra Cheatham, executive director of The Clean Air Campaign, and other metro Atlanta leaders discuss how the failure of the regional transportation sales tax is affecting the city.

GAB: Local employers make clean air list
03.05.13 – Eleven Gwinnett employers are excited to begin offering commute options to their employees as they partner with The Clean Air Campaign and Georgia Commute Options.

Air Quality Awareness Week Is Underway — Is Carpooling an Option for You?
04.30.13 – Programs offered through Georgia Commute Options have collectively eliminated 1.1 million vehicle miles of travel, saving a combined $500,000 on commute costs. Learn how you can being carpooling to work through Georgia Commute Options.

Commuter reaches 25,000-mile milestone
04.10.13 - Karen Ferris, security assistant with the Security Division in Fort Benning reached the 25,000-mile milestone for car and vanpooling to become a Clean Air Champion.

Walton County Board of Education joins Clean Air Campaign
03.03.13 – The Walton County Board of Education is pleased to announce their partnership with The Clean Air Campaign and Georgia Commute Options.

Lanier Tech, Sapa Extruder cited for commuter options
03.03.13 – Two Hall County employers announce their excitement in becoming Georgia Commute Options partners.

Telecommuter Finds A Better Life
03.01.13 – Tamica Wilder is now able to work a full time job, take her kids to soccer practice, be home for dinner AND save money all thanks to teleworking.

“Turn Drive Time to Me Time!” Facebook Contest to Celebrate Grand Prize Winner on Local Billboards
03.01.13 – The Georgia Commute Options “Turn Drive Time To Me Time” Facebook contest allowed contestants share what they do (or would do) with free time gained by using a commute alternative.

The Clean Air Campaign Director of Employer Services discusses benefits of telework in wake of Yahoo CEO decision
02.27.13 – The Clean Air Campaign Director of Employer Services, Mike Williams, weighs in on the telework debate sparked by Yahoo plugging the plug on their telework option.

The Clean Air Campaign® and Local Partners Welcome 91 New Workplaces to Georgia Commute Options
02.22.13 - With 91 new partners gained since last July, Georgia Commute Options and The Clean Air Campaign are ever-growing!

Clean Air Campaign director touts commute options
02.21.13 – The Clean Air Campaign Executive Director, Tedra Cheatham, expresses the multiple benefits of teleworking to the Henry County Chamber of Commerce.

Traffic Congestion – It’s bad, but perhaps not that bad?
02.14.13 – Learn what Cobb County does to keep its traffic congestion from getting THAT bad.

Cobb commutes are better than the average in Atlanta
02.13.13 – One average, Cobb commuters spend only 30 minutes each way, slicing the metro area’s overall 50-minute trip time by 40 percent.

Georgia Commute Options Offers One-Stop Shop for Commuters, Workplaces Seeking Traffic Relief

2012 PACE Award Winners are "In Good Company"